Capabilities of the "Sovelmash" laboratory at the beginning of 2021

Currently, "Sovelmash" is represented by several departments, most of which are located on the leased premises of Research Institute of Precision Machine Manufacturing (NIITM) in Zelenograd. One of the key areas in the company is the laboratory, which undergoes changes and is enhanced almost every month.
 Today, the leading engineer at "Sovelmash" Igor Korkhov gave a short tour of the company's laboratory and spoke about its capacities at the beginning of 2021.
 The laboratory has been modernized, and has also been equipped with new additional high-precision equipment: a power analyzer, 2 load bench controllers, a multi-channel automated temperature measurement system, and much more. The laboratory computers are equipped with the latest inhouse-developed software, which allows you to perform measurements with great accuracy and speed in accordance with GOST.
 The laboratory also has auxiliary equipment for measuring the resistance of winding and insulation, a new 70 kW bench, a rack for controllers, and low-voltage disconnectors. To facilitate the measurement work, cable ducts with hangers were added. Now the power and measuring parts are separated, and it is possible to conveniently arrange the measuring wires.
 You will learn more about the equipment in the "Sovelmash" laboratory from this video.
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