A "winder" by profession / Interview with the licensed winder Sergey Silin

Induction electric motors account for 60% of the world's electricity consumption. They are used in a wide variety of areas: in industry, electric power engineering, construction, agriculture, transport and military areas, housing and utilities, and many others. 
 The technology developed by Dmitriy Duyunov makes it possible to make an energy-efficient motor out of a regular one, increasing power and reducing energy consumption. 
 The specialists whose professional activity allows them to understand the obvious advantages of the "Slavyanka" technology apply it in their work, becoming the licensed winders. But to carry out this activity, it is important to enter into a licensing agreement confirming the right to modernize electric motors. Previously, such licenses were issued by OOO "ASiPP", but at the moment issuing the licenses is suspended. 
 Usually, instead of repairs, the licensed winders offer customers to modernize their motors using the combined winding technology "Slavyanka". The licensed winders have already modernized hundreds of thousands of different induction motors around the world. And today, over 100 specialists in this field work with the "Slavyanka" technology. Recently, we have talked with one of them — Sergey Silin. Sergey has been working in this field since 1995. His acquaintance with the "Slavyanka" technology began in 2012: 
 "On the forum of winders, I came across the YAGID.425.210.040 E4 diagram and decided to wind a 2.2 kW / 1500 rpm electric motor using it to upgrade my skills. To make sure that the performance characteristics stated by Dmitriy Alexandrovich were correct, I installed the modernized electric motor on a test bench for welding units and alternators with diesel power stations. I loaded it with a drive (a pulley with a lathe chuck) and the weight of the 55 kW / 1500 rpm electric motor. Right after powering up the motor, I paid attention to the smooth and steady start-up. And I will never forget the sound of the accelerating turbine! The next day, I took a picture and made a video of starting the electric motor under load with a record of the start time and the current consumed by the motor. At the start-up, the motor reached its rated speed after 3.8 seconds. The current under load was about 5 amperes. I posted the picture on the forum of winders, and in the evening Dmitriy Duyunov called, thanked me for the work I'd done, and that's how we met. 
 Thanks to reducing the temperature of the electric motor winding, the insulation is practically not destroyed. Reduced vibration and smooth start prolong the service life of bearings, drives (gear reducers, pulleys and belts, damping pins of couplings and half couplings, rollers of the conveyor belts and roller conveyors, etc.), the number of contactors (contacts) that are often the direct cause of the motor winding burn-out (no power on one phase) decreases in the power supply circuit of an electric motor. Due to the decrease in the inrush current, the load on the starters and contactors is reduced. 
 The main advantage of the winding, in my opinion, is not in saving electricity mostly, but in reliability and reducing the load on the drives and electrical circuits of consumers. 
 I am convinced that the "Slavyanka" technology works. For about six months, I rewound the motors using "Slavyanka" and, not finding any support from the management, I decided to quit my job and start my own business. I purchased a license granting the right to rewind motors from the company OOO "ASiPP" and started working. 
 Our company has all the necessary documents for working in Russia and abroad — both statutory and licensing. 
 Dysfunctional electric motors are quite common, but after rewinding, the flaws are eliminated." 
 The activity of licensed winders is of great importance in all areas where induction electric motors are used. We offer you to view only a part of the reviews from those customers who rewound the motors using "Slavyanka" in the framework of the company "Electrocomplex" where Sergey Silin works. 
 "The sports team "KamaZ-Master" thanks the company "Electrocomplex" for rewinding the car generators using the "Slavyanka" combined winding technology. The work was done to the highest standard and quickly. The motors were installed in time for the rally "Gold of Kagan 2016" (April 28-30). The generator was tested in the desert of Kazakhstan (May 3-8). Currently it's undergoing tests in Karelia. The generator with "Slavyanka" produces more power." 
 "The power of the generator has increased by 20-25%. The stator windings are rewound on a high quality level and securely brazed." 
 "I placed an order with "Electrocomplex" to rewind two 2.2 kW electric motors using the "Slavyanka" technology for operation from a frequency converter on a conveyor in a heavy-load mode. I faced the problem of motor overheating resulting from a heavy load. The temperature of the motors was dangerously high compared to the worm gear. After rewinding by applying "Slavyanka", the heating temperature dropped considerably and became equal to the temperature of the gearbox. There was a slight increase in power. I would like to thank the company "Electrocomplex" and personally Sergey Silin for "Slavyanka"-based rewinding and friendly attitude to the customer." 
 "I would like to express my gratitude to the staff of the company "Electrocomplex" for their professional work and responsible approach to executing my order. Our company needed to rewind a motor, and the company's specialists did a great job, everything was done on a high quality level. Previously, we rewound this electric motor 2-3 times a year, until we learned from the video on the Internet about the "Slavyanka" winding and got it repaired in OOO "Electrocomplex". This is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qihkKI852I After repairs, this motor has been operating flawlessly for eighteen months. The cost of the services rendered was not high. We will continue to work with this company and we recommend it to anyone who wants to repair their motor quickly and with high quality level provided." 
 "I would especially like to note the reliability of electric motors rewound by OOO "Electrocomplex" using the "Slavyanka" technology. During our work with the company, there was no occasion when there was a need to rewind the same motor again. Thanks to the "smooth" start of the electric motors, the starters and contactors in the electrical circuits of the units stopped burning out. The vibration and noise levels have noticeably reduced." 
 "OAO Farm Household "Zarechniy" thanks the company "Electrocomplex" for high-quality repairs along with modernization of the electric motors for the grain drying plant by applying the "Slavyanka" technology. Previously, each of the 6 electric motors from the dryer was rewound several times per season, or replaced with new ones, now 6 motors with the "Slavyanka" winding have been working for 1.5 years without any repairs and, surprisingly, do not overheat too!" 
 "I want to express my gratitude to the specialists of the company OOO "Electrocomplex". They have rewound the electric motor (the "Slavyanka" winding): the power increased from 1.5 to 2.2 kW. Revolutions are the same - 2,750 revolutions per minute. Incidentally, the electric motor was originally a 3-phase one. Now it operates on 220 V. And it's far more efficient than I expected. Thank you so much. Special thanks to the winding specialist Sergey. The work was completed by the agreed time. The cost of the service is adequate. "We recommend this company to everyone who wants to repair a motor fast and to the high quality standards." 
 Photos of the work done by Sergey Silin and the company's employees can be found on the website of OOO "Electrocomplex": https://elekkomslavyanka72.ru  
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