New formats and record-breaking scale: SOLARGROUP's brightest events in 2020

In 2020, the project "Duyunov's motors" continued to expand its international reach, having increased the number of investors by 50 %. Among more than 280,000 participants of the project there are residents of almost all the world countries. 
 This scale has become possible due to active promotion of the project carried out by SOLARGROUP. An important part of this strategy is an eventful agenda of live and online events organized by the company's staff members from Russia and national partners in their countries. 
 In total, SOLARGROUP held more than 600 events in 2020, reaching an audience of more than 120,000 people. 
 Almost half of the total audience is the audience of the project presentation webinars that are held several times a month in 11 languages. The webinars are intended for people who are interested in investing in promising enterprises, the "Slavyanka" technology and want to get to know the project "Duyunov's motors" better. They receive all the necessary information about the project and answers to their questions on the live broadcast. 
 At the end of the year, we launched several webinar formats for the foreign audience. During the month, broadcasts on various topics are held in each language, including presentations of the project and the partner program, news of the project and the company, exchange of experience from successful SOLARGROUP partners, expert opinions from the project partners. 
 The most large-scale event by the audience coverage was the international online conference SOLARGROUP INVEST CONFERENCE 2020. This event took place in July and was held to celebrate the company's 3rd anniversary. We tested a new event format: speeches of the top officials and interesting guests on the stage alternated with live coverage from different countries, all this was broadcast online and interpreted into 6 languages. The broadcast of SIC-2020 was watched by a total of more than 19,000 people. 
 The scale of the final webinar of 2020 was almost just as big. Its audience amounted to more than 18 500, the broadcast was streamed in 11 languages. The webinar was attended by the project's top officials who summed up the results of the year, told about their development plans, and reported some important news. The audience watched a video report from the construction site of "SovElMash", the live coverage from Victor Arestov in China. If you did not have time to watch the final webinar, it is available here — 
 The most important events in the life of the project in 2020 were opening SOLARGROUP's national representative offices in Croatia, Senegal, Benin, Togo and Indonesia. In all these countries, the project received a new impetus for development thanks to the active work of the national partners — and as a result, the number of investors significantly increased there. Indonesia stood out against the background of the other countries. This country is one of the leaders by the number of the project investors, the online conference celebrating the opening of the national representative office in it was watched by about 8,500 people. 
 In 2020, two foreign offices of SOLARGROUP were opened: first in Vietnam, then in Benin. These new venues host meetings for the investors and partners, as well as the project presentations for people interested in investments. Visitors can get acquainted with the project documents, communicate with the other participants and get answers to their questions. 
 We would like to note that the COVID-19 restrictions derailed the activity of many companies, but had almost no impact on SOLARGROUP and the project "Duyunov's motors". 
 Even in such challenging conditions, the national partners held a lot of live meetings and presentations of the project, inviting a limited number of guests to them. Such meetings were particularly frequent in Africa. 
 Most of the offline events were still replaced with the online format meetings — as a result, the audience coverage only grew. The company was able to make the most of the difficult situation. And the project implemented the tasks planned for 2020, and has come much closer to its goal. 
 In 2021, there will be just as many large-scale, high-quality and informative events held by SOLARGROUP. Follow the announcements in our social media and in the "Events" section in the back office here —