Sergey Semyonov and Pavel Filippov visiting "SovElMash"

The top officials of SOLARGROUP have recently visited the construction site and leased premises of "SovElMash" in Zelenograd. During the visit, SOLARGROUP's CEO Sergey Semyonov and head of the advertising and public relations department Pavel Filippov visited the "SovElMash" studio and shared their impressions of what they had seen with Alexander Sudarev.
 "It's great when you put your energy into implementing a project, and then you come and see that it's not just a dream, it's done, it's being physically implemented," Pavel Filippov said.
 At the "Alabushevo" site, the guests observed the progress of the D&E construction and what conditions had been provided in the construction camp. After visiting the temporary buildings, they were surprised to find that the premises were equipped like full-fledged offices, and made sure that true professionals worked there.
 Sergey Semyonov spoke with the construction supervisor: "I asked him whether there were any difficulties and peculiarities involved in the construction of this building. He said it was the perfect place, everything was done perfectly well… There is no reason to believe that any unforeseen difficulty can arise."
 Besides, the supervisor of the construction process told the representatives of SOLARGROUP about the progress of the construction works and explained that certain technologies had made it possible to carry out the construction activities even at extremely low temperatures, however, this requires certain training and additional funds. With this in mind, the management makes decisions and shifts some activities when necessary, if the shift will not significantly affect the overall schedule.
 Then Sergey Semyonov and Pavel Filippov visited the leased premises of the company "SovElMash". They noted that the amount of equipment in the laboratory had increased significantly since their last visit to the enterprise, and dozens of motors in different sizes had also appeared there.
 The guests from SOLARGROUP were impressed by the high professional level of the "SovElMash" studio. "Like Ostankino," they shared their impressions.