"SovElMash" purchased equipment for creating the automated production line for "Slavyanka" motors

Construction of "SovElMash" D&E continues in accordance with the plan, and we are happy to announce that new equipment for the design and engineering technology department has been recently purchased in China. Soon it will be delivered to the leased premises of "SovElMash", and upon completion of the D&E construction — resent to its territory.
 The production line will consist of a number of units, namely:
 1. Unit for isolating grooves of electric motor stators;
 2. Automatic winding machine for coil groups of electric motor stators;
 3. Unit for retracting the winding coils into the grooves of electric motor stators;
 4. Units for molding the frontal parts of the winding:
 - unit for flaring of the frontal parts,
 - intermediate molding unit,
 - final molding unit;
 5. Unit for banding, binding the frontal parts of the stator winding.
 This equipment is characterized by high quality, rather high price, and it is important to note that it will enable creating a fully automated production line for electric motors. This means that the production of motors using the "Slavyanka" technology will not differ in any way from the production of regular induction motors. In particular, thanks to this equipment, "SovElMash" will be able to produce IE4 class motors with the weight and dimensions of IE1 class motors. At the same time, the cost of the IE4 class motor with "Slavyanka" is significantly lower than the cost of the classic IE4 class motor. "SovElMash" will set up a line with fully automated manufacturing process that will allow us to produce small-size pilot batches of motors in order to demonstrate to our customers the development of the "Slavyanka"-based motors, the capacity of the automated production line, the compliance of the ordered model with the expected result, as well as a number of other tasks.
 It is important to note that commercialization of the "Slavyanka" technology through motor development is a comprehensive product that includes the preparation of terms of reference, the creation of the motor prototype model, conducting the tests, automated production of a small-scale pilot batch, installation of equipment for mass production on the customer's premises, adjustment of the equipment, preparation of the necessary tooling for specific motor dimensions, etc.
 If the customer needs production facilities, "SovElMash" can initiate the launch of the plant creation procedure with all the necessary project documentation, as well as train the customer's personnel to operate the production line. In the end, the customer will receive ready-to-use production of the ordered product. Thus, "SovElMash" offers a ready-to-use process for the "turnkey" production of electric motors.
 The purchased equipment is necessary for working out the entire technological workflow for production of electric rotating machines. As a result, the potential customer will receive a ready-to-use and adjusted automated production line capable of manufacturing a production batch of motors.
 In customer service, "SovElMash" adheres to the idea of full compliance of the product with the customer's goals. The whole scope of work at all the stages will be coordinated and approved with the potential customer. That is, the customer is guaranteed to receive the required product custom-tailored for their needs specifically.
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