Last-minute offers in January for the investors of the project "Duyunov's motors"

We'll tell you about the last-minute project offers that expire in just a few days. 
 Attention! Only until January 15, 23:59 Moscow time, the New Year's offer is valid. According to it, by purchasing any new investment package, you receive a gift of 2,021 bonus shares. Hurry to use it!
 Special conditions are applicable for cryptocurrency holders until January 31. When replenishing your main account in the back office with bitcoins, you are credited with funds equal to 5 % of the replenishment amount. Use them to purchase investment shares. 
 For the detailed text and video manuals on how to replenish your account with bitcoins, follow the link - 
 Additional bonus for the partners of SOLARGROUP! Until January 31 inclusive, when paying for an investment package from the partner account, you receive a 5% discount on the payment amount. 
 The opportunity to invest from the partner account has become available in the back office quite recently — and the most beneficial time to use it is until the end of the month. 
 We will exemplify what benefits the investor gets when purchasing a new investment package until January 15 inclusive. 
 Let's assume that the investor buys a $ 1,000 package that includes 156,000 shares through a 10-month installment plan. Immediately after making the first installment payment, the investor will be credited 2,021 bonus shares. When paying from the partner account, the investor also receives a 5% discount on the first installment payment, which means spending $ 95 instead of $ 100.
 Thus, after paying off the installment plan in full, the investor will become the owner of 158,021 investment shares, spending $ 995.
 The benefits of investing will be even greater if you also take advantage of any of the permanent project offers. The terms of different project offers can be combined! 
 Find out about all the current offers here —
 The project "Duyunov's motors" has entered the key stage in its development, the construction of "SovElMash" D&E is in full swing, the risks have almost been eliminated, and the opportunity to purchase the project shares profitably is still available. Hurry to use it and get as many bonuses as possible!