Construction of "SovElMash" D&E: interim results

The last days of 2020 were rich in news from the "Alabushevo" site where the design and engineering technology department (D&E) of "SovElMash" is being built. Let's sum up the interim results of the construction and find out the results the project enters the new year 2021 with.
 The site for the building foundation is ready
 The area where the D&E is to be located has transformed: vegetation has been cleared, the construction camp has been built, the temporary roads and utilities as well as water drainage have been set up. And shortly before the New Year, a pit was prepared for the building footprint. According to Dmitriy Duyunov, the work on the site was carried out right until the New Year holidays and continued immediately after.
 Part of the equipment has been transported
 The process of transporting the "SovElmash" equipment from the leased premises to the territory of the future D&E began. Several pieces of equipment have already been delivered to the site in compliance with all the storage standards. It has been done in order to reduce the rent expenses and optimize the workflow.
 The production of the metal frame continues
 Metal parts of the frame are manufactured at the Astron plant in Yaroslavl. Part of them have been delivered to the construction site. The metal structures will be mounted without any additional fitting, using the bolt assembly technology.
 The preliminary construction schedule has been adjusted
 In the near future, the work on the D&E construction will be carried out in accordance with the schedule. At the same time, it is important to understand that it can be adjusted depending on various circumstances. You can view the updated schedule by following the link 
 The achieved results have become possible thanks to the well-coordinated and professional work of the "SovElMash" specialists, specifically, the Directorate of Construction engaged in this line of activity. It performs a lot of different tasks within the project, including monitoring the quality of work, estimates and construction deadlines.
 Right before the New Year, Dmitriy Duyunov commented on the progress of the construction activities and the project development this way: ""SovElMash" and SOLARGROUP have completed their tasks at this stage. Going further depends on the investors. We can guarantee that these funds will not sink into oblivion, but will be implemented. I hope that by the end of the year you will see a ready project here at the stage of installation and adjusting the equipment."
 Dmitriy Duyunov himself will be engaged in the commercial line of the project: preparation and conclusion of contracts for the development and supply of motors - to make sure that by the time the enterprise is put into operation, "SovElMash" will have ready contracts with the customers and will be able to immediately start operating on the D&E territory.
 The project "Duyunov's motors" has eliminated all the major risks and entered a new stage in its development. By investing in it, you support the construction of a unique enterprise that will develop the most efficient electric motors in the world, and thus take care of both your financial well-being and the future of the planet.