New patent of "SovElMash" for the induction hub motor

 At the end of 2020, the specialists of "SovElMash" received a new patent for the invention of an induction hub motor. 
 You can view it here 
 The motor has no rivals in the world, moreover, the work on its improvement is ongoing. We will tell you in more detail what makes the latest patent unique. 
 The patent with the priority dated as of April 21, 2020 was issued for a combined mounting solution that allows to integrate the hub motor into the suspension and significantly improve the entire design. The specialists of "SovElMash" described the general principle of mounting the hub motor that can be applied to various dimensions of hub motors due to the connection of load-bearing elements with the suspension and motor. 
 The features of the new design are: 
 - a console part, 
 - the possibility to adjust ground clearance of the suspension, 
 - significant reduction of unsprung mass. 
 And these are not all the advantages of the new solution. 
 The new design of the induction hub motor will enable effectively using it for different vehicle types: civil vehicles and trucks, military and heavy construction equipment, including two-wheeled vehicles. The hub motor itself is a unique development of Dmitriy Duyunov's team made by applying the combined winding technology "Slavyanka". This is the only induction hub motor in the world, BLDC analogues use permanent magnets. Duyunov's motors significantly outperform their rivals in many respects. 
 - They are cheaper due to the fact that electrical steel and copper are used for their production instead of expensive permanent magnets. China accounts for the vast majority of the world's production of rare earth metals used for making permanent magnets. Whereas combined winding hub motors are made from more accessible materials, there is no need to depend on a rare and expensive resource, so they can be produced in any country. 
 - They are much more powerful and energy efficient than BLDC hub motors, which are equal to them in terms of weight and dimensions as well as cost. 
 - They are more reliable, because they are resistant to dirt and moisture impact, ferromagnetic dust, they are much more durable than BLDC analogues whose performance characteristics deteriorate over time. Because of this, there is no need to make Duyunov's hub motor airtight, which also reduces the production cost of this motor. 
 Given all its uniqueness, the combined winding hub motor is only one of many products developed by Dmitriy Duyunov and his team. The new patent is a big contribution to the company's intellectual property. However, the developers will continue to enhance the invention. Thanks to such developments and patents, "SovElMash" will always be able to offer its customers the most efficient motors in the world to meet their demands.